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Cosmic Guidance Session – 60min

Discover how your soul wants to expand and grow through exploring your unique soul's blueprint. Unblock and learn how to work with the cosmic energies. Gain a deeper understanding of your soul’s purpose and how to live your life in energetic alignment with your soul. 

169 EUR


Cosmic Guidance Check-in – 30min

Check in on your soul's current frequency or explore one area of your soul's blueprint in more depth. Or maybe you have a specific question that you would like a cosmic perspective on. Ideally you will have had a full Cosmic Guidance Session before.

89 EUR



What clients say

"My Cosmic Guidance Session with Uljana was such a beautiful and revealing experience. She was able to look at my chart and intuitively read it like she was reading a book of my souls purpose. It was so helpful in understanding myself and my life's purpose and how to work with the energies in my life. It was also so validating for all that I've been through and helped make sense of so much in my life. I highly recommend doing a session with her!"

Amy Fowler, Canada

My Purpose

Guiding you on becoming your brightest self 

I’m an Intuitive Astrologer. I help you understand your soul’s purpose, recognize and shift patterns, learn to love and accept yourself, and intuitively guide you on how to work with the energies in your life. 

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