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30min Session – 89EUR
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Your soul is always evolving

Everything is energy. And with that nothing is stagnant. As everything is moving, everything is evolving and growing. This also applies to our souls. It is part of life that we must evolve. Changes and transformations are usually the most challenging times of our lives.

As humans it is only natural that we want to make sense of what is happening. It helps us to not internalize, but to understand that there are natural rhythms of life and death in our lives.


Checking in on your soul

How is my soul doing? How are the current energies effecting my soul’s journey? How can I work with specific energies in my chart?

These and other questions may come up in your day to day life. You are undergoing some changes in your life and you would like to understand the karmic cycles in your soul’s story. Or maybe the energies feel off to you.

Although, your birth chart does not change, your soul continues to grow and evolve. The planets are moving through the sky and establish different relationships with each other as well as with your birth chart. Through these relationships chapters of your soul’s story can be triggered. You may experience these energies in different areas of your life.

In this 30min session we explore one area of your soul’s blueprint in more depth. By looking at your birth chart, human design or intuitive downloads. You will receive Cosmic perspective on  current energies that are effecting your soul’s journey. You will gain an understanding of why things may be happening at this time. In addition, you will receive practical guidance on how to work with them.

30min session

89 EUR


What clients say

My Cosmic Guidance Session with Uljana was such a beautiful and revealing experience. She was able to look at my chart and intuitively read it like she was reading a book of my souls purpose. It was so helpful in understanding myself and my life’s purpose and how to work with the energies in my life. It was also so validating for all that I’ve been through and helped make sense of so much in my life. I highly recommend doing a session with her!

Amy Fowler, Canada

How does it work?

When you click on the „Book Session“ link you will be guided to the booking page. Please have your date of birth, exact time of birth as well as your place of birth ready. I will use this information to draw your unique birth chart.

After you booked your session you will receive a Zoom link.

Please note, that sessions cancelled within 24hr prior to our appointment will not be refunded.


Do I need to have a full Cosmic Guidance Session with you before?

No. You can book the 30min Check-in even you haven’t had a full Cosmic Guidance Session with me. I do recommend doing a full session with me beforehand, though. In the Cosmic Guidance Check-in we will only be able to look into one aspect or chapter of your soul’s story. In the longer 60min session we are able to explore your cosmic blueprint in more depth and you will receive a deeper understanding of your soul’s purpose. 



Hi, I'm Uljana!

I’m an intuitive astrologer. I want to inspire you to reconnect with your soul’s purpose, recognize and shift patterns, learn to love and accept yourself, and intuitively guide you on how to work with the energies in your life.

So that you can live a life that you love.

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