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Unlock your soul’s amazing potential

Have you ever wondered why you seem to go through the same cycles and lessons repeatedly? Why some of the lessons always seem to happen in specific areas of your life, whereas other areas seem totally uneffected?

You were born with your soul’s purpose imprinted in your cosmic blueprint. It knows that there is more to life than what society has taught us. Your souls knows, though. We just stopped listening to its whispers and the Universe’s nudges.

Your cosmic blueprint reveals not only the lessons your soul has to learn, but also keys on how to unlock your potential.  


„To know each other we must reach beyond the sphere of our sense perceptions.“
Nikolas Tesla

Learn to dance with the cosmic energies

Changes and transformations are usually the most challenging times of our lives. As humans it is only natural that we want to make sense of what is happening.

Although, your birth chart does not change, your soul continues to grow and evolve. It yearns to complete karmic cycles.

The planets are moving continuously and establish different relationships with each other as well as with your birth chart. This triggers different chapters of your soul’s story.

I know how lonely, painful, and exhausting these transitions can feel like. When I went through my dark night of the soul 5 years ago, I felt completely lost and devastated. Everything that I knew and that provided safety – my 7 year long partnership, our house and dog, my thriving freelance career – was gone.

Understanding my soul’s unique blueprint cosmic and the cosmic energies, I can now look back and see how all of that was happening for me, not to me. Since then I have learned to embrace and to dance with, rather than fight these energies. I have learned that despite all the discomfort and pain, the planetary triggers only highlight areas in my life where I am playing small and where my soul needs to grow.

    Allow your soul to play bigger

    During these 12 weeks you will learn how you can dance with the cosmic energies. By exploring your soul’s unique cosmic blueprint we highlight the areas that your soul wants to grow in. We look at the current cosmic energies and how they ask your soul to expand.

    This masterclass includes:

    • 1 Cosmic Guidance Session
    • 1 personalized essential oil roll-on or diffuser mix
    • Bi-weekly 30min Cosmic Check-in on your soul
    • Suggestions for essential oils to use to work with the energies of the new moon


    • Personal weekly cosmic energy forecasts straight to your inbox

    Raise your soul’s vibration. Reignite that beautiful spark within you and unlock your amazing potential. 



    English, German

    12 weeks

    1.398 EUR


    Hi, I’m Uljana!

    I’m an intuitive astrologer. I want to inspire you to reconnect with your soul’s purpose, recognize and shift patterns, learn to love and accept yourself, and intuitively guide you on how to work with the energies in your life.

    So that you can live a life that you love.


    What clients say

    „I had the most amazing experience with Uljana when she read my Purpose of my Soul Chart. Words can not express the awe I felt as she unfolded some of my blocks and explained some of my life experiences as they were aligned in the chart. I highly recommend this experience to everyone who is looking to dig deeper in truly understanding themselves on a soul level. I am in deep Gratitude for her skills and her heart….

    Kimberly Kemmish, USA

    How does it work?

    When you click on the „Join now“ link you will be guided to the booking page. Please have your date of birth as well as your place of birth ready. I will use this information as a basis for our investigative journey into your soul’s unique blueprint

    After you booked your payment has been processed you will receive a Zoom link for our initial Cosmic Guidance Session. The Cosmic Masterclass will start with our session and will continue for the following 12 weeks.

    Please note, that no refund on the Masterclass will be given once we have had our first Cosmic Guidance Session.

    I don’t have my exact time of birth.

    Yes, you can. The sessions will not be as deep and more general in nature. I recommend to book a general Cosmic Guidance Session beforehand. In that session we will reverse engineer by looking at events in your life as well as your personality traits in order to pinpoint a time of birth.

    What if I am in a different time zone?

    No problem. Let me know which time zone you are in and which times of the day work for you. Please reach out to me, if you like to discuss this prior to booking.

    What if I need to reschedule?

    I totally understand that life happens. All I ask is that you please let me know 24 hours in advance. You will be able to reschedule via the booking link.


    Work with me

    Cosmic Guidance Session – 60min

    Discover how your soul wants to expand and grow through exploring your unique soul’s blueprint. Unblock and learn how to work with the cosmic energies. Gain a deeper understanding of your soul’s purpose and how to live your life in energetic alignment with your soul. 

    169 EUR


    Cosmic Guidance Check-in – 30min

    Check in on your soul’s current frequency or explore one area of your soul’s blueprint in more depth. Or maybe you have a specific question that you would like a cosmic perspective on. Ideally you will have had a full Cosmic Guidance Session before.

    89 EUR


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